Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Alexia Dubreuze
Period 1
Mr. Boehm

Reflection Questions "Regret"

1. In what ways does the author describe Mamzelle Aurélie at the onset of the story?
-Mamzelle Auréliewas described as being masculine and 50 years old. She worked on a farm and was unmarried and never had kids.

2. What is the setting? What clues help you determine the location of the story?
-The setting is a farm, and the clues that help me determine that are: crops, animals, and even "farm" is used in the story.

3. What is meant by a "pleasant odor of pinks in the air"?
-Flowers. Shows that Mamzelle is happy, and pleasant.

4. What does Mamzelle Aurélie inherit from her neighbor, Odile?
- 4 young children, the kind that need constant attention.

5. An epiphany is a noticeable change in a character over the course of a story. This change could be mentally, physically, or emotionally. What change, if any, does Mamzelle Aurélie undergo?
-Mamzelle went through an emotional change. She start enjoying and wanting to have the kids around. This can be seen when she cries during their departure.

6. The story contains the following lines:

She turned into the house. There was much work awaiting her, for the children had left a sad disorder behind them; but she did not at once set about the fast of righting it.

Why doesn't Mamzelle Aurélie set about the task?
-She wants to remember the children. By moving everything and organizing things, Mamzelle feels like she is losing the thought of the children that she held dear to her heart.

7. Who is Ponto?
- Ponto is the dog.

8. Why does Kate Chopin use the description "She cried like a man" to describe Mamzelle Aurélie actions?
-It tied in the whole story.

9. How do you feel about Mamzelle Aurélie at the end of the story?
-I feel bad for her, due to her loss.

10. What do you think the title of the story signifies?
-Mamzelle Aurélie regrets never having kids.