Tuesday, September 9, 2014

By: Stephen King

There are thousands of books that sit on shelves, collecting dust, in silence. So why choose Carrie by Stephen King? Is it because of the horror and suspense behind the name “Carrie” alone? Could it be because of the fact that North Broward Preparatory School only gave me eight books to choose from? Or could it be out of plain curiosity? In all honesty all of these hypotheticals actually have some truth to them, for the real reason I chose to read “Carrie” by Stephen King is due to all the reasons listed above.
One aspect of “Carrie” that I truly enjoyed is the message about bullying. Yes, Carrie does end up destroying her whole town, but in hindsight it was for a good reason (just wait, I’ll get there)! The whole premise of the book is about a girl named Carietta “Carrie” White, who is constantly picked on by her peers. Carrie is made to feel like the outcast, constantly getting stared out and made fun of. To make matters worse, she is under the watch of her mother, a very religious lady that feels Carrie is the devil’s spawn. Between the constant torment of her peers, and the sporadic actions of her deranged mother, Carrie is driven to the point of no return. However, she has an eccentric gift, she can move things with her mind.
You know that point in the story where you are either crying, screaming or trembling as your eyes glance past each word? It’s that point in every book that you are sitting there yelling at the pages, as if the characters can hear you! Now if you were to take this feeling, you would have the exact emotions I felt when Carrie went to prom. In this specific scene, Tommy Ross, your typical high school hot shot, asked Carrie to prom. Although Carrie was extremely skeptical, after all, all these kids ever did to her was torture her, she finally gave into his request. Fast forward to the night of prom and everything seems perfect to Carrie, but as the reader you are literally screaming, “CARRIE DON’T DO IT! DO NOT WALK UP THOSE HIGH SCHOOL STEPS!” However, no matter how much you shout, and no matter how much you plead, Carrie White enters her high school building and goes to prom. Music plays. Frivolous teen compliments fly. But, we are still at the edge of our seats waiting to see the disaster that is about to go down. Meanwhile, back at home Carrie’s mother, Margaret White, is losing her mind thinking about all the sins Carrie is committing by going to prom, something she views as the devil’s work. Ms. White sits at home pondering how she is going to rid her daughter of these sins. Back at prom, Carrie is having an amazing time with Tommy. They are voted prom queen and king, but things do not go as planned. As Carrie walks up to the stage to receive her crown she feels extremely apprehensive. She never wanted to be prom queen, based solely on the fact that she feels this was one big joke. What if it was their final prank? What if this was their final act of torment? Sadly, Carrie was right, because as she stands their upon the stage, a bucket of pig blood is dumped on her! For a moment she stands there, frozen in humiliation. But, that soon wears off and Carrie White becomes a person of massive destruction! She uses her mind to set the whole town on fire, electrocute people, and rid the town of all the people that took part in her torment. Four hundred and nine people died that night, and forty-nine people were missing. Among those dead bodies laid Margaret White, Carrie’s mother. When Carrie finally went home hoping to be comforted by her mother, she is stunned to see that her mother is waiting to kill her. Between the telekinetic powers, and ‘sinful’ actions of her daughter, Ms. White thought the only way to vanquish these sins, was by the death of her daughter. Ms. White ends up stabbing Carrie in the shoulder, and Carrie ends up slowing Ms. White’s heart to the point of no pulse. Carrie makes her way outside where she stumbles onto the road, disorientated and wounded. She laid there, and at that moment Carrie White was dead.
In my opinion there was no part of the book that was a let down for me. Every page left me wanting more. I spent hours laying in my bed wondering what was going to happen next! Questions, anger, frustration, and triumph; all words I use to explain this book. Why did they torment Carrie? Why was her mom so psychotic? Why didn’t Carrie put an end to this bullying earlier? Why didn’t the teachers intervene sooner? It hurts me to know that these questions will never be answered, because the truth lies only in the writer’s mind. But, in my opinion what is even more frightening is the fact that bullying like this goes on everyday. Kids are harassed by peers, teachers sit back, and sometimes parents are never around to be a shoulder that their child can cry on.
The message behind this book is actually beautiful, and it is for that reason that I would recommend it to everyone! Behind the horror, behind the suspense, and behind the words, was a message of karma and bullying. You never know how your words can scar someone, and you never know how your actions will come back around and get you. But, the true question is how will the reader take this message and apply it to their lives?

Karma comes back around, too bad many had to learn that the hard way.